How to keep New Year’s resolutions

‘And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good,[a]for those who are called according to his purpose.’ (Romans 8v28)

A while back I heard the story about a church leader who  gave a challenging sermon. The church and co-leaders loved it and said as much. To their surprise, the following Sunday the leader stood up and preached the exact same sermon again. The church shuffled uneasily and looked at their watches. Less congratulations this time and even less the next week when the leader preached the same sermon again. Confused, the co-leaders enquired as to why  the same sermon was being preached. The leader thought about it then replied:’ I won’t be preparing another sermon until we respond to this one and all the things that God is telling you and me to do.’

This story reminds me of the dilemma that New Year’s Resolutions place on us  each year. Resolutions made with the best of intentions but which all too soon fall flat as we stop helf way through our study of the bible in a year or a keep fit regime or some other discipline that fell foul to tiredness, apathy, event or holiday. Not that I can boast at being so disciplined as to not fail at this impossible task – that said, this year I have managed to complete one in particular – that of writing this blog. Click here to see 2017 New Year’s post 

Now, admittedly it’s been a long hard slog to discipline myself to doing these blogs and several times the post was late in being sent out, or typo strewn, or slipped under the net altogether. But I have learnt one amazing thing from it!!!!

Your resolution is null, void and broken when you refuse to go back and continue doing it. 

With this in mind – and you’re probably realised this already – can I encourage you to set out your resolution for this year  – possibly prayer or reading the bible or serving in a ministry – and should you stop for whatever reason – resume it as quickly as you can. After all, why can’t a New Years Resolution  run from Feb 9th 2018 to Feb 8th 2019?

Have a blessed 2019!





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