Christ’s disciples or loved up junkies?

‘By your love for one ‘another, people will know you are my disciples.’ John 13v35

I wonder what you make of this image? Presumably, the silhouetted people are in an aquarium observing jellyfish. However,  there’s a problem in that it’s unclear if the people are being observational at all. If anything, their body language seems to be turned in to one another and missing the spectacle above them?

In a similar way, the picture is a window on the dilema faced by many churches for whom the instruction to love for one another has resulted in communities being more concerned with meeting their own internal needs rather than those who stand outside the church.

While there are many explanations as to why churches focus inwards, it is worth noting that God has always entrusted communities and groups to reveal His Love and message to others. Of course, in churches, it is not always easy to change herd mentality but individual obedience to venture out – knowing you’re loved and valuable to God – is exciting and can be a great encouragement for others to change.

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