Formational gifts

Look  at the list of spiritual gifts (below). Place your finger over the one that is primary to you. The others make up your formational gift set which are also used in service to God.

Preacher  / Server / Teacher / Prophet / Encourager / Apostle / Generous giver / Leader / Pastor / Evangelist / Administrator

Like primary spiritual gifts, when  we use formational gifts, people are blessed and  the work of God is advanced. However, different outcomes arise in that:

  •  as we sacrifice ourselves through acts of service to others, Christ is formed in us.
  • our energy levels will dissipate because continual use of our formational gifts (without operating in our primary gift) will cause us to tire.

Hence, the need for balance –  think back to 70/30 activity you completed.

While our primary gift excites, motivates and energises us, it costs very little to engage with it. However, formational gifts will dissipate energy because helping others in a way that requires sacrifice is not akin to how we normally think and act. Hence why we must always ensure we are operating in both types of gift.

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