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Primary or formational activities?

Complete as per instructions for this section in e-book.

  1. You visit someone who is sick.
  2. You post money through the door of a family who cannot pay their bills.
  3. You help out with Sunday School for a term.
  4. You agree to lead a bible study.
  5. You go around your area inviting people to the local church mission.
  6. You make a meal and take it round to someone who’s ill.
  7. You agree to lead youth ministry while the leader is away on maternity leave.
  8. You give up your time to help someone complete a tax form.
  9. You produce a budget to monitor church expenditure.
  10. You meet someone after church who is struggling with faith and stay behind to listen, talk and pray with them.
  11. You sense God has given you a word for the church and you take it to leadership.
  12. You discover the church toilets are blocked and deal with it.
  13. You turn to the person sitting next to you on the bus and explain to them why they should accept Jesus Christ.
  14. You learn that an elderly person is about to be thrown out of their house and call round to see how you might help.
  15. You respond to a prompting from God, to give sacrificially and fund a project.
  16. You sort out a rota allocating leaders to children’s groups.
  17. The youth leader asks you to give your testimony to the teenagers to explain why they should accept Christ.
  18. You attend the prayer meeting (trick question!).
  19. You serve in the kitchen preparing food for the church Christmas meal.
  20. You sign up for a mission overseas where the plan is to help build a hospital for sick children.
  21. You coordinate and lead an event in the community.
  22. You counsel someone after church.
  23. You agree to bank money for the church each week.


Where do I fit?\

Read the statements below, and put one tick (per box) beside the statement you identify with most.\



  1. I am keen to see areas of church ministry developed and improved.
  2. I am keen to serve and help others in church.




  1. I am passionate about changing the way we do church.
  2. I am passionate about meeting with people and serving in whatever way I can.




  1. I get excited thinking about how God will progress the life and ministry of the Church.
  2. I get excited thinking about how God is using the church at this present time.




  1. I love to enthuse people about where we are going and what we are trying to achieve.
  2. I love to help out in whatever way I can.




  1. The church needs to plan for change and reinvent itself.
  2. The church needs to remind people of the value of service to others.

Look at the statements you have ticked.

If you ticked mainly category ‘a’ statements, you are more likely a visionary – in which case read the visionary profile.

If you ticked mainly category ‘b’ you are either an enabler or a sustainer – in which case, complete the additional questions (below).



  1. I am most happy when a new ministry gets off the ground.
  2. I am most happy when I am serving others.




  1. I work best when I help others find their ministry in church.
  2. I work best when someone takes responsibility for ministry.




  1. My attitude is that I am there to do a job for a fixed period.
  2. My attitude is that I am in it for the long haul.




  1. I facilitate others by ensuring that the ministry happens.
  2. I facilitate others by a willingness to serve them in whatever way I can.




  1. It is most important to support a new ministry in the first six months to a year.
  2. It is most important to support a new ministry faithfully in the years after it is established.

Again, there are more detailed questionnaires with ways of eliciting more accurate answers. However, as a rough guide…

  • A majority of ticks in category ‘c’ suggests you are best suited as an enabler in the church.
  • A majority of ticks in category ‘d’ suggests you are best suited as a sustainer of ministry.
  • If you have a range of letters a, c and d, you will have to deduce from trial and error which role suits you best.


Part 1

What sort of people are you passionate about serving?

  1. Families?
  2. Women?
  3. Men?
  4. Singles?
  5. Elderly?
  6. Children?
  7. Crèche?
  8. Teenagers?
  9. Those outside of church?
  10. Single parents?
  11. Orphans?
  12. ……………… (Group not on the list? Write it down)


Part 2

What sort of ministry are you passionate about?

  1. Making disciples?
  2. Evangelism?
  3. Preaching or teaching?
  4. Hospitality?
  5. Being good news in the community?
  6. Serving others?
  7. Welcoming people?
  8. Giving generously?
  9. Administrative skills and/or leadership?
  10. Pastoring people?
  11. Social action?
  12. Mission abroad?
  13. Something else? Please state ………………………….


Now write down all the things you feel strongly about inside church and outside, in the wider community:

Now you have completed the questionnaires, transfer your findings to the printed copy of this table and hand a copy to your church leader so he or she will know your gift set and how you might serve most effectively.summarytable1

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