What it means to be delivered and why?

‘Into your hands I commit my spirit; deliver me, Lord, my faithful God.’ (Psalm 31v5)

I always find it strange how many Christians see this verse as directly applicable to their own life and trials when clearly the resonance is squarely with that which happened  to Jesus. This is not to make light of what befalls us in that we too may be so overwhelmed to the point where we cry out for deliverance – though unlike Jesus, our prayer for rescue is often directed to us being spared the pain and anguish of what is to befall us.
Unlike us, Jesus’ cry for deliverance occurs becasue the weight of the world and all its sin  has been placed upon his shoulders.  However, unlike us, Jesus does not ask to be delivered from the pain of what he is carrying but rather to be delivered in spite of it. To be strengthened and emboldened to bear the weight of sin that will come upon him and not be found wanting by seeking to be freed from the task that is ahead. Something that in our straightened times, each of us would do well to remember…

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