How do you use spiritual talent?

In the Parable of the Talents we read about how a Master gives each of his servants a measure of something that they are expected to increase and grow. This takes the form of
money but it could just as easily been a skill or perhaps even the placing of God’s Holy Spirit within the person. We’re left with it in such a way as to think on what God might give  to us and expect of  his servants acting in the world.

Now, while some people have loads of money – and incidentally lots is expected from them in return –  some have very little. However, one thing that all Christians have is God’s Holy Spirit living within them – unless they haven’t received it yet which is easily remedied through the laying on of hands and  discovering their primary spiritual gift .

Now, lets suppose we substitute the word ‘Talent’ with the word ‘Holy Spirit? How would we now give an account of our life in tems of the Holy Spirit access and how much we’ve allowed Him access and reign in our lives? Or are we counted among those who have failed to do this by failing to set aside time to allow God to guide and lead us?

In summary, God expects a return on His investment . His valauble Holy Spirit resides in us, not as an ornament to decorate the room, but rather as our Counsellor, advocate, Comforter, Equipper etc. For us, to see him as anything other than this and not realise our full spiritual potential is tantamount to burying Him in the ground and wasting our God-given potential.

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