How God’s Holy Spirit motivates us to praise and worship

‘Then the Spirit lifted me up, and I heard behind me a loud rumbling sound as the glory of the Lord rose from the place where it was standing.’ (Ezekiel 3v12)
In 1984, shortly after dedicating my life to Christ, I remember having a very distinct dream in which  I was seated in – what I can only describe as – a  large ‘aircraft hanger’ auditorium. Around me were thousands of other christians who were talking excitedly. Suddenly,  down below the elevated position where I and others were seated, someone walked onto the stage. What happens next is a bit of blur but a loud roar went up and as people rose to their feel they just as instantly fell to their knees in praise and worship – all except myself and a few others who blissfully lagged behind those who were on the ball. Falling to my knees, I remember my head being bowed and lips speaking praise as I joined with those around me
In Last week’s post – on Ezekiel 2 – we saw how the weary prophet was lifted and filled by God’s presence to the point where he was enabled to continue despite his fatigue.  In today’s passage, we see how the Spirit not only motivates humans to rise before God but the whole of creation as well for…
Thirty-five years on from my vivid dream – one truth remains standing in that just as believers are afforded a crown only to lay it before God, so too God’s Holy Spirit that causes us to rise will also cause us to find our knees in praise and worship to our Maker.

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