Why it’s important to know your spiritual gifts (1 of 6)

As a minister, I often meet mature christians who only have a vague idea of what their spiritual gifts are and how they should use them. Delving deeper, the reasons I often hear  are things like:

  • I never really thought about it
  • I don’t bother with that sort of thing
  • You either know  or you don’t
  • we have all the spiritual gifts (which is kind of true but not much help)
  • I just make the tea and coffee
  • We don’t receive much teaching on that sort of thing in our church.

Today, I’ll consider the first of these: I never really thought about it. Actually, this is not as lame as it sounds because there is a dearth of teaching on the basic spiritual gifts in the majority of churches – by that I mean, many people attend on Sunday with little idea of the gifts that build up the church (Romans 12v6-8 etc) and how God has equipped them for the role they should be fulfilling within it.

Often, this may be because ministers themselves have little or no understanding about primary spiritual gifts and will opt for the safer option of teaching about supernatural gifts. Important as these are,  they exist to compliment and enhance the backbone of the church which are gifts such as  teacher, pastor, evangelist, server etc.

Now,  if you do not know your primary gift, you should be making it a priority to find out what it is . Don’t wait for your minister to do a series or take you aside. It’s your responsibility! Be bold.

ps those who are interested can take the primary gift test at primary gift.


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