Primary Spiritual gift

Okay, you’ve completed the questionnaire using the book, e-book or app and know your  top scoring gifts. Next, use the questions below to decide which one is your primary gift.

  1. Which one of your top scoring gifts energises you the most when you use it?
  2. Are people blessed or edified by you using this gift?
  3. Is there a sense of being personally and spiritually fulfilled through it?

Don’t worry if you are unsure. Check out the gift descriptors (below) then monitor yourself as you engage each in the weeks ahead to see which gift is primary to you.

Gift Descriptors

A. Preachers… speak about God in an inspired and authoritative way. Always keen to address individuals, groups or congregations, they will convince and convict people through their arguments.

B. Servers… do not need to be asked twice to help and very often have no desire to be in a position of leadership over others. Whatever is asked of them, they do. Servers are the backbone of the Church and a real blessing to others.

C. Teachers… are able to frame complex ideas in ways that make it easy for others to understand. They enjoy reading and discovering new things in the Bible and desire that others find these hidden treasures too. They need no coaxing to prepare sermons or study and will often be frustrated when others miss salient points in scripture that they consider obvious.

D. Prophets… are conduits God uses to speak to the Church. When receiving a word or revelation, they are often burdened until they reveal it to others. This is usually verbal but can involve some sort of living metaphor (Hosea 1). Prophets are dedicated to prayer.

E. Encouragers… possess good interpersonal skills and are people-focused. Nurturing and supportive, their focus is usually on counselling and prayer as this is what they do best. Their advice and encouragement is often inspired, recollecting passages, verses and other examples they consider helpful. They are always eager to see people mature and fulfil the potential that God has for them.

F. Apostles…pioneer new initiatives. They desire that everyone might know and experience Christ. Like prophets, they are a rare breed and are goal orientated in their decision-making.

G. Generous givers – sometimes entrepreneurial – are financially secure in ways that enable them to give generously to the work of the Church. As stewards of God’s resources, there is nothing they enjoy more than supporting church projects, charitable organisations or individuals in need. Such giving may involve time, talent and/or money.

H. Leaders… may operate at a range of levels, some people clearly recognise it as their responsibility to lead and develop others. These leaders cast vision and inspire/motivate others with their plans. In team situations, they bring wisdom, insight and direction to whatever project is being undertaken.

I. Pastors…  spend time with people who are struggling or upset. They notice when someone is not in church and are often strong in empathetic skills. They utilise a variety of ways of contacting people through visiting, phoning, sending cards, enquiring through others, etc. Pastors are a listening ear, friendly face and concerned prayer.

J. Evangelist… see every activity as an opportunity to tell someone about Jesus – no time or activity is off limits. Those with a speaking ministry are often productive and it is not unusual for people to respond to Christ as a result of their message combined with the Holy Spirit’s conviction.

K. Administrators… oversee, guide and direct the effective use of human and financial resources within the church. This may involve activities in which they organise people in ministries, plan budgets and finance, or ensure adequate resources are available for church events. Without them, church flounders for lack of system and structure.

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