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Avoiding the misrepresentation of God

‘Then he called to me, “Look, those going toward the north country have given my Spirit rest in the land of the north. “‘(Zechariah 6v8).

The bare reading of the translated verse above is confusing as it seems to suggest that God’s Spirit found rest with the people of the North. However, the NLT version puts it in context:Then the LORD summoned me and said, “Look, those who went north have vented the anger of my Spirit there in the land of the north.”  

The same verse but how different the two interpretations.  All of which affirms our responsibility to seek out an accurate translation of a verse over an inaccurate one. This means seeking out other translations when a verse or passage does not make sense. To not do so may result in us becoming like the simplistic religious believers that philosopher  Voltaire observed as believing things that are not of God and in the process committing atrocious acts against others while believing we are providing a service to the Divine.

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