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Why you shouldn’t wait to be taught about spiritual gifts…

A few years ago, I taught a lovely group of people from a local church about primary and formational gifts. What was great was seeing their eyes light up as they discovered the different ways God had equipped them to be pastors, evangelists, prophets, teachers, preachers, servers etc. During the debrief afterwards, only a couple said they knew their primary spiritual gift prior to attending – the vast majority had no idea what their unique  spiritual gift was, which got me thinking….

Is it the case that there is not enough teaching on spiritual gifts within the church?

Now, although many churches extol the importance of spiritual gifts, few prioritise it in their teaching schedules. One reason for this I believe is a presumption by leaders that the flock will somehow discover their spiritual gifts for themselves. Aside from the reality that this is an unlikely outcome it also highlights the worrying reality of how not all church leaders are aware of the importance of exercising spiritual gifts – basic and supernatural.

There are many reasons why this happens. Sometimes, the minister may not understand the subject well enough themselves and avoids teaching about primary and supernatural gifts. Other times, the emphasis might solely focus on a reliance of  ‘supernatural gifting’  (tongues, prophesy, interpretation, etc) at the expense of basic spiritual gifts.

All of which means,  every christian has a responsibility to research and discover their spiritual gifts for themselves. When hungry, we don’t wait  for someone to feed us. Likewise, we shouldn’t wait for a minister to do it for us. Indeed, it could be the minister’s primary gift s not as a teacher which means  you may have to provide that particular sermon series. Okay, if you don’t know your primary spiritual gift and the others that accompany it, then take the free spiritual gift test now by clicking the link below. www.primarygift.co.uk 

All the best!

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Do you know the spiritual gifts God has given you?

Twenty years ago I had an idea for an Arts Cafe at the church. The minister asked  how much I was going to charge? I thought about it and suggested a small amount which he told me to double because when you make things cheap, people don’t come because they
imagine it is worthless.

Now, on my primarygift website, you will find a link to my spiritual gift test at the top of the page. Until recently my test was on sale as an app but it has become necessary to remove it as no longer compliant with 5G technology and needed more investment. I tell you this because the spiritual gift test that you and your friends can download on this website is not only FREE but PRICELESS as it has the potential to help people understand and discover their primary and formational spiritual gifts and grow God’s Kingdom!

Please do pass on this email to any who you think might benefit from taking this test and discovering their spiritual gifts and calling. Blessings, Bob

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Holy Spirit in Human History (11)

‘So the Lord said to Moses, “Take Joshua son of Nun, a man in whom is the spirit of leadership, and lay your hand on him.’ (Numbers 27v18)

In this passage, we are introduced to man of faith Joshua who was one of twelve sent out to spy on Canaan ready for an attack. However, on their return, while ten of the spies gave negative reports about how Israel would be overwhelmed and destroyed by the giants inhabiting the land, Joshua and another were the only ones to remind the people that God was with them and he would achieve it. (Perhaps he held in his mind how God had delivered them from the Pharoah and Egypt?)

The spirit of leadership observed in Joshua is a ‘primary spiritual gift’ which stands out from the many other gifts the believer possesses. While these other basic gifts also result in blessing and formational growth,  our primary spiritual gift is unique in that when this gift is put into into action: :

  1. the person is energised (in a way they are not when operating in other gifts)
  2. other people are blessed by this ministry
  3. the person has a greater sense of calling and spiritual fulfillment.

This was certainly Joshua’s experience who after Moses went on to lead the people as they entered Canaan.

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