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Human Nature and the Release of God’s Holy Spirit

‘A prophecy: The word of the Lord concerning Israel. The Lord, who stretches out the heavens, who lays the foundation of the earth, and who forms the human spirit within a person.’ (Zechariah 12v1)
Okay, we are on the home straight in regard to our three year investigation into the term ‘spirit’ as it’s used in the Old and New Testament.
In regard to the rudiments of how the human spirit is formed within the person, I think Watchman Nee makes some interesting observations in his book the ‘Release of the Spirit.’ In this, he details how the soul in humans is the dwelling place between that which is human (aka flesh’) and that which is ‘spiritual’ from God – hence the conflict that arises between the desires of our human desires that may often rail against the ‘spiritual’ purposes of God. Or put another way, the human desire to do what we want, over and above the will of God who will not force us to comply but who (in love) hopes we will.
The answer? A change of heart to cede to God’s plan and desire over our own self-serving behaviour – this – and only this – act of obedience is the way to facilitate the release of God’s Holy Spirit within our lives in a way that advances the kingdom of God.

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